Expat coaching & counselling
available online!

Solving migration based challenges together.

Price: CHF 150 p.h.

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Expat coaching

People do not respond to events, they respond to their experience of events. A new role or social environment may make it sometimes difficult to understand events, to respond to them in acceptible ways and to integrte these experiences into a generic  transcultural competency

Like a sparring partner, a coach helps to identify your researches and acceptable strategies. Coaching helps address challenges in ways that work for you, and helps translate them into communication and decision making that work in your new role and environment. Coaching focuses on existing resources and the development of new ones and may be supplemented by therapeutic techniques.

Coaching sessions are available realtime and online, 60 min. each and 150 chf each.  

Peter Muijres, MA., MSc., PhD. cand.

Understanding what connects people and what makes them unique has been a driving force during my life. After I completed a Masters degree in clinical psychology and another one in medical anthropology, I continued working internationally as a therapist, researcher and a culture and communication trainer in the 18 years after.

Working with various groups of people and problems, has taught me to tailor the best of different therapeutic approaches to the specific strengths, needs and conditions of individual people. I helped expats, parents, fugitives and man others with issues related to anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, acculturation or adaptation.

An education as a trainer in transcultural and systemic methods has enriched my work as a therapist, and at University College London I specialised in cultural psychiatry, in particular intercultural training and intercultural conflict management among expats. Working with the UCL Centre of Advanced Learning and Teaching fuelled my love for quick and effective knowledge transfer.

Since 2016, I have been managing Dignity Therapy research projects in Switzerland. Until 2019 I supported patients with incurable cancer at the end of life, and since palliative patients with end stage cancer and since 2019 I work with people with an early stage dementia and their relatives. I coordinate projects, train Therapists, conduct Dignity Therapy and provide healthcare organisations throughout Europe with Dignity Therapy training workshops.