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Saturday 9 and 16 May 2015
 in Herne Hill, London
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Rapid processes of globalisation make the development of intercultural competence of critical importance to personal well-being and professional effectiveness. Fortunately most people succeed in getting used to living and working in an international environment at some point and on their own.
However, where time and positive results come into play, the personal and professional costs of underachieving show to be as high as the unlikelihood that intercultural differences disappear by themselves.

For example, did you know that :
  • Up to 40% of all business expatriates never finish their original assignments and return home early?
  • As many as 20% of the managers returning early felt unable to cope with the demands of living and working in a foreign culture?
  • About 50% of migrants and expats, living and working under new circumstances fail to meet previous levels of efficacy and performance?
Of those expats and migrants needing support, only a small proportion knows to find it, often only after issues have already dramatically escalated . And of those who did receive help, the majority dropped out early or report not having improved upon treatment.

Research has shown that costs for U.S. companies run op to $250,000 for every uncompleted assignment, even without taking the psychological consequences, the costs of missed business deals, expat turnover and damaged business reputations  into account.
"In nature there are beautiful, productive borders. Where two separate systems exist side by side,
there is a zone where the elements of both survive. There is no sharp straight segregating line.
This zone between two ecosystems is called the 'ecotone' and is richer, more complex and dynamic than both the systems.
It is here that there is the constant challenge,
either to adapt and flourish or to vacate and disappear."

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Dignity Therapy Training Workshop
May, 9-11, 2019, Zürich, Switzerland
Registration is now open for the next Dignity Therapy Training Workshop that will be held May 9-11, 2019 in Zürich, Switzerland. This intensive two and a half day workshop is a blend of expert lectures, lively panel discussion and plenty of small goup sessions for participants to practice Dignity Therapy and edit a transcript of a therapy session.

What is Dignity Therapy?
Dignity Therapy provides hope and orientation for patients confronted with their end of life. Dignity Therapy bolsters self-esteem and lessens feeling of anxiety and depression. This therapeutic intervention invites individuals with life-limiting illnesses to reflect on matters most important to them thereby reactivating personal coping resources.

Using the Dignity Therapy protocol and following the respondent's cues, a trained therapist facilitates the expression of thoughts, feelings, and memories that are compiled in a narrative document for the patient to share with a family and friends.

This workshop is of interest to clinicians, nurses and other healthcare providers, who work with palliative care and early dementia patients.

Registration fee per person: CHF 420 
In-house workshop (6- 12 persons): CHF 4200
Mail info[at] to register or for more information.

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Culture Class Training
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Culture Class Coaching & Counselling
Individual coaching and clinical counselling for expats, kids, families, parents and other adults targets at breaking down the barriers within and between people .